Author: Jason Hazlett

Ransomware Reminder

*** PLEASE BE AWARE *** Cleverly crafted ransomware messages are being sent out in large numbers. We receive 10-30 per day here, and there are always a few that do not get put into the “Junk” folder.

They are designed to make you curious enough to click through one time and then the malicious software starts encrypting all files on your computer and network. You then receive a politely worded ransom note asking you to pay to get your own files back. See our screenshots, don’t open these files. And if you do, don’t click through the security warnings! For more information see this article: Wikipedia Ransomware article.

In the end, if you do click on one of these types of messages early detection is critical. If possible isolate the computer where the problem started by disconnecting it from the network and give us a call so that we can minimize the damage and get you back up and running quickly.

Fake Fax E-Mail

Fake Fax E-mail

Ransomware word document attachment

Typical looking Word document.