Charter Outage Update

UPDATE: Charter Internet service is back up. It started coming up last evening around 8:30 PM and stabilized by about 11:30 PM. So far no news stories available explaining what happened and why it took so long to fix.

Charter Outage Update: Confirmed this is a “fiber cut”. In other words, somebody was digging where they should not be yesterday afternoon about 2:45 PM. Charter’s message says they are working on it and getting done as quickly as possible but will not provide any ETA for restoration.

That seems an unfortunate customer service decision. Any news, even bad, can help customers of Internet, phones, and/or TV service make plans.

As soon as we know more, we will post it here. When service *does* come back on, expect it to be “spotty” as many humans and many automated systems will be hitting the connection hard with a big backlog of transactions to process.