Communications Cabling

Picture of data cabling.
The world has not gone “wireless”.
In fact, a lot of cabling is needed to create excellent Wifi hotspots!

RufusTech is a licensed, bonded and insured communications cabling contractor (License number RUFUSEL891MG). See our listing on Washington State Department of Labor and Industries for full details.

Structured Cabling Projects

Being an IT service provider means we know all of the design implications for the practical operation of your network as well. We will make sure to run the cabling to meet your current as well as expected future needs. We run structured cabling for data, wifi, standard telecommunications, VOIP telecommunication, audio-visual, security cameras and more.

Picture of an equipment closet
We love spending time in equipment closets like this.

We follow careful installation and testing guidelines for reliability of all devices you might be using: Computers, network printers, phones, servers, wifi access points, security cameras, etc. Our experience, expertise, and close communication with our customer throughout the process ensures a successful project from start to finish.

We do projects, large and small, whether it is a new building or an addition of a few network cable drops to an existing installation. We do projects in new construction as well as retrofits, indoor and outdoor. Please give us the opportunity to submit an estimate for your cabling project.

Another equipment rack.
We know nice cabling work when we see it.