Our Business Philosophy

RufusTech has a simple, no-nonsense approach to Information Technology (IT) solutions. “IT” refers to all manner of information processing hardware and software such as personal computers, tablets, printers, server computers, networking appliances, mission-critical software, etc. We strive to make your IT infrastructure work smoothly and transparently so you can focus your energy on doing the important work of your business, and minimize productivity loss due to crashes, bugs and other glitches. Since 2005 we have listened to our clients and refined our approach accordingly.

Helping you get the most from your IT Investment

Much of IT hardware and software potential remains unrealized in the business world and households. We strive to help companies, individuals and families get more from their existing investments, as well as carefully advising investment in the most sensible and proven technology solutions available at a given time.


The world is connected and this presents a risk to businesses and households. We are always thinking about security as it relates to all aspects of our customers systems. We will be glad to perform a security audit of your systems and recommend specific improvements.

Picture of staff figuring out how to solve something.
We would love to be working out a customized solution to your IT needs.

Disaster Recovery

We can perform a disaster recovery preparedness audit for your business to make sure that you are protected to the extent possible. In the unfortunate event of a theft, fire or equipment failure, we will be there to help your business get back up and functioning as quickly as possible.

Straight Talk and Integrity

We strive to avoid technical jargon and speak in terms that can be understood by all. Our goal is to empower our clients to make informed decisions surrounding their own information technology needs.

Unbiased Technology Recommendations

We are not contractually obligated to give preferential treatment to any technology producing or supplying companies. This allows us to make unbiased recommendations to our clients. Technology consulting providers which are partnered with vendors of computing equipment, software or Internet access cannot be called unbiased. Consulting firms will often blindly push products from companies they have partnered with. We believe it is unethical and a poor value to our clients to recommend substandard technology because of a vendor partnership.

When RufusTech does choose to give preferential treatment to a provider, two main criteria must be upheld at all times: (1) The technology and support is excellent, (2) the value to our client’s specific needs is excellent as well. If either of these criteria is no longer met, we quickly evaluate and replace with a new provider who does.

The Value of a Team

Having an entire team that knows your systems is always better than one person. With every service event we build up our documentation on your systems so that subsequent work can be done more precisely and efficiently by any team member. When a technician is assigned their first workorder for your business, they will familiarize themselves with your systems at our cost. Unlike many competitors, you will not repeatedly pay for the “learning curve.” While we understand and appreciate your preference for which technician you would like us to send over, you can see it everyone’s best interest to have several technicians well-versed in your systems.

Additionally, when a RufusTech technician comes on site to your business, you have the sum total of the entire RufusTech team working for you. The team is in constant communication, pooling our knowledge to bring you the best possible value in technician time. If a service event seems to be taking a long time, rest assured, it is the nature of the technical work being performed and not any lack of expertise or documentation of your systems.

We maintain a technical library, our technicians participate in a variety of relevant courses, and monitor the wealth of technology information on-line. RufusTech engineers participate in regular “knowledge-transfer” meetings, the aim of which is to propagate vital and timely computing skills among our staff, as well as specifics of complex client systems in our care.

Our Value Proposition in Summary

The value provided by RufusTech lies in applying our unbiased expertise to specific customer technology needs. We charge only when producing value for our clients. We keep detailed documentation and maintenance logs so that our entire team will be aware of your systems. With many of our competitors, you will find yourself paying repeatedly for technicians to “figure out” and learn the same things about your systems. RufusTech strives to bring a much needed component of integrity, ethics and professionalism to computing. We don’t ask you to sign any contracts; instead, we want to earn your repeat business.