Equipment Recycling

Equipment Recycling Services

When RufusTech has been employed to perform computer equipment upgrades for a client, we will haul away your old equipment free of charge, absorbing costs incurred in handling and recycling. If you would like to hire us exclusively to haul away old equipment, standard technician fees will apply. We use Total Reclaim (206-343-7443) in Seattle, WA and Kittitas Valley Recycling Center in Central Washington (509-929-4136) to handle recycling and disposal of equipment that can no longer be used.

Why Recycle?

It is not legal or ethical to simply throw away computing equipment and electronics. This is because circuit boards contain environmentally hazardous heavy metals and substances such as mercury and poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) that pollute our groundwater when placed in landfills.

Digital Shredding and “Wiping” of Data

The last thing you want would be to have your sensitive data being salvaged from your discarded equipment. Before your recycling of the old equipment we take can care of digitally shredding of your data. The cost is typically 0.25 hours of technician per storage device.

Equipment Donations

If equipment given to us to recycle is still serviceable in we may prepare it for donation. Equipment donation allows us to serve two main goals: (1) Re-purposing equipment to keep it in service and out of landfills, and (2) getting much needed computing equipment to those who need it. Equipment acquired by RufusTech that is good enough to still be of use to individuals, students, or organizations is cleared of any client content and/or refurbished in preparation for donation. We are always looking to hear from organizations in need of computing equipment donations to put on our list. Please feel free to contact us at