Residential Computer Support

RufusTech provides telephone, e-mail, house-call and remote (visiting a person’s computer or device screen remotely) support to private home computer users. We strongly recommend that you only allow remote computing assistance from a trusted person or business who has been verified. We receive support requests regularly from people who have let someone onto their screen purporting to be Microsoft or Google, only to find later that this was not the case at all.

Remote support on a laptop.

Examples of Services Offered

  • Troubleshooting.
  • System and Software maintenance.
  • Physical maintenance: Dust blowout and inspection.
  • Home network.
  • Telephone, e-mail, or other forms of support and assistance.
  • Macintosh® and Windows® computers as well as tablets and other devices.
  • Personalized training for all levels of computer literacy.
Very dusty computer.
Inside a very dusty computer.

General Policies

  • Payment is due upon completion of service.
  • Forms of payment: We accept cash, check, Visa®, and MasterCard®.
  • No charge for travel to and from client sites within 20 miles of the technician’s starting point. Outside of our 20-mile radius, we charge for one way of travel time at the applicable consulting rate.
  • Hours divided into 1/4 hour increments.

Comments on Big Box Store “Techies,” “Squads,” etc.:

Consulting services which are connected to stores selling computing equipment may be more motivated to sell you new equipment than help you get the most out of your current investment. This is why our business is about selling our unbiased expertise. To learn more, check out our Business Philosophy.

Very clean computer.
Inside a computer that is clean as it should be.

Computing Frustrations

At RufusTech, we do our best to be sensitive to people’s understandable frustration when a vital aspect of their computing environment is not working properly. Our solutions are based upon industry-standard best practices, carefully tailored to give each client the most trouble-free experience possible given the inherent flaws of the technology in common use today.